Man on fire at football match in Spain says it was a “disaster”

Man on fire at football match in Spain says it was a “disaster”

A man who was on the fire-engulfed pitch at the Carabobo Cup match in the Spanish capital was lucky to escape injury, authorities said.

“The man was injured in the process of putting the match end to end, which was an accident,” said Javier Gonzalez, the prosecutor of La Guarida state, which includes Barcelona.

The man, identified only as Jorge, said he had been watching the match with his wife when he noticed flames coming from the pitch, he said.

He said he could not see anyone, but that the flames were on his left hand.

“We heard it was an explosion and we tried to run,” he said, adding that when he ran he could see a fireman trying to put out the flames.

“The fire was so hot that we could feel the heat, so we tried running,” he added.

“It was a disaster because there was no place to run.”

He said the man, who was also wearing a jacket, suffered burns and minor injuries to his head.

“I was in the stadium, but my wife, who also was at the match, also suffered a burn and her left arm was also injured,” he told La Sexta TV.

The match between Caraboboes and Celta Vigo ended 1-1 after the referee stopped play after about 20 minutes, but the match was re-started shortly after the match restarted.

A man was seriously injured in Barcelona’s Carabobos Cup match when the fire broke out in the stands on Wednesday.

(ABC News)The man told La La Radio he had tried to get away from the flames, but had to stop when they reached his arm.

“This is a disaster.

The crowd was screaming for help.

It was an incredible scene,” he claimed.

“It was so bad that I could feel it.”

Gonzalez added that he had taken the injured man to hospital for treatment.

The referee had stopped play at the end of the first half, and there were no reports of any foul play.


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