A baby girl’s wardrobe is like a book, says the mother of a young Palestinian girl

A baby girl’s wardrobe is like a book, says the mother of a young Palestinian girl

The mother of 16-year-old Fatah member Ziad Jarrah has been living in fear ever since the kidnapping of her daughter, Ziad, from the West Bank town of Nablus.

She says her daughter was snatched from her home by a group of armed Palestinian men on August 5, 2014.

“They were saying they were from the Israeli army, and they were looking for me and my family,” Ziad’s mother, Taha, told The Jerusalem Report on Monday.

“When we called them, they didn’t answer.

I don’t know why they didn\’t answer the phone.”

Ziad was taken from her house, taken to an Israeli army checkpoint and held for three hours, before being released.

The group then went to the family\’s house, where they abducted the young girl, who was taken to the town of Al-Mikdash in the northern West Bank.

They then fled the area.

The Israeli army has accused the Palestinian security forces of being behind the kidnapping.

The family was taken by bus from the bus station to the Al-Tufah checkpoint in the West of Ramallah, which is near the Israeli border.

After they reached the checkpoint, the kidnappers stopped at a road and ordered Ziad to come out of the car, which they said was their car.

The child was not allowed to exit.

“I told them I was afraid, but they kept threatening me,” Ziada said.

Ziad said she and her mother were detained by the kidnapper for about 45 minutes.

“The security guards were yelling at us, ‘Get out of our country,’ so we kept yelling, but I don\’t remember how many times they yelled at us.

The kidnappers would try to scare us, and at the end they threw me in the car.”

After they arrived in Ramallah to take Ziad back to the West, they were transferred to an army checkpoint near the town.

The Palestinian security force then released them.

After the kidnapping, Ziada went to court to prove the kidnapping took place.

“My husband and I filed a lawsuit, and a judge dismissed it, saying it wasn\’t a kidnapping,” Ziade said.

The judge also ordered the Israeli military to take the case to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

According to Ziade, Ziade was interrogated by soldiers for three months before the Israeli court decided to release her.

“After I was released, they came to me and said they wanted me to take pictures of Ziad and show them her face and that I should send them the pictures.

I took a picture of her face, and the Israeli soldiers took another picture of me,” she said.

“It was a very humiliating experience for me.”

The judge rejected Ziade\’s claims that she had been subjected to physical torture and forced to sign a false confession.

“No torture took place,” the judge wrote.

The parents of Ziade are now seeking compensation for the trauma they have suffered.

Ziade’s mother told The Report that her daughter is still traumatized by the kidnapping and believes the Israeli government and security forces are responsible.

“Ziad is traumatized because her family is still not getting answers from the police and the military.

I think they are trying to cover up what happened,” she told The Update.

“If I had been kidnapped by the Israeli occupation, I would have told them, ‘We are Palestinian.’

I would tell them I am not an Israeli.

I have never been a spy.

I am a Palestinian.

I love my mother and father.

I know they are Palestinian.”

The Jerusalem Police arrested a group in the Gaza Strip on July 22, and an Israeli court sentenced them to 12 years in prison for kidnapping Ziad.

However, the court didn\’ts order the two men to be released until the case is resolved.

“We are waiting for justice.

I hope this will be resolved soon,” Ziadi Jarrah told The Daily Beast.

“Unfortunately, I have been forced to spend more than two years in jail.

I want to make sure that I am released soon, so I can go back to my family.

My mother told me she hopes that justice will be done.

She said she would like to know who is responsible for this kidnapping.”

Ziade Jarrah and her family fled the West to avoid Israeli soldiers during the 2014 Gaza war.

She now lives in Jordan.

“During the war, I was trying to get out of Gaza.

We decided to flee and we were in Jordan,” Ziabi Jarrah said.

She added that she hopes the international community will support her family.

“Jordan was very good to us, but now it is very bad to us,” Ziabi Jarrah, who has two other daughters, told the Jerusalem Report.

“Since the war started, I went to school and had friends in Jordan, but


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