How to wear 80s fashion in 80s India

How to wear 80s fashion in 80s India

The 80s were the heyday for fashion in India and it was the hey day for many of its designers.

In fact, fashion was the first to take off in India as a mainstream and it had a huge impact on the country.

But today, India is still struggling to regain its place as a fashion powerhouse.

Here are some tips for dressing up and taking your 80s style to the next level.1.

Don’t let the 80s be your last decadeAs a kid growing up in Bombay, I was always obsessed with the 80’s.

My family owned a jewellery shop and I used to visit our store with my dad, who was also a designer.

When he died suddenly in 2011, I started to wonder if I was destined to be an icon.

After all, he was the father of the country’s fashion scene, who made fashion fashion and the first head of the fashion brand, Kalyani.

So, I knew that I wanted to be a designer and would never be satisfied.

I wanted a career in fashion, so I started doing research and went to various designers to learn more about their brands.

I learned so much about the brands and their personalities that I could have been a designer in 10 years.

It was a lot of hard work, but I think that it paid off.2.

Be a big fan of the 80ies and 90s1.

I don’t like dressing up in 80’s clothes.

It’s just too boring.

It feels like a waste of time.

So, when I started designing for fashion, I wore the same clothes every day.

I liked the 80 and 90’s because it was very fun.

It felt like I was wearing the same outfit every day for years.

I was happy with the way my looks looked.

The 80’s were my best years.2: I don,t like dressing in 80 s clothes.

There are too many different styles.

I want to look more like a designer now.

The 90s were great for fashion because the clothes were always the same.

I like dressing like a modern day artist.3.

Dress up like you want to, not just look like someone else3: The 80 and90s were my most fun years.

The fashion industry was very good and they were very successful.

I never felt like an outsider.

I would never have made it in fashion if it weren’t for them.4.

Don´t be afraid of a look that is too simple4: The 90’s are the best times in my life.

It wasn’t like that when I was a kid.

I did all my homework and I didn’t feel like a nerd.

When I got to college, I had a chance to see my parents in person.

They were still busy with their lives and they weren’t allowed to spend as much time with me.

They still have so much to learn.

I got more creative and wanted to make my own clothes and have a better life.

I loved the 80 s and 90 s, so now I’m more of a fashion-savvy person.5.

You should dress up and act more modern in the 80S, 90s and now the new millennium1: I really like dressing to look like the person I want people to look at.

The clothes I wear today were the same as they were when I got into fashion.

But now, I dress like a younger version of myself.

So the 80-90s look is the best because it’s not boring.

I am very different from my 80-year-old self.

I feel that I have grown as a person, which is why I don´t mind dressing as I want.

I still dress the same way as I did then, but it is different from the 80 or 90s.

I still have my clothes because I have a lot more money than my older self and I still love to make clothes.

I have always been inspired by the 80′s.6.

Dress like you do now, not like someone you used to6: I think the 80´s were really cool, but when I saw myself in them, I thought, this is not me.

I always wanted to look and act as I was then.

I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, this isn´t me.

And I was so embarrassed because I wanted people to think I was different from everyone else.

I didn´t want to be considered a trendsetter.

I thought that I was going to look different.

But then I started dressing the same because I didn`t want it to change.7.

You can look like a fashion icon by dressing like an 80s icon7: I definitely have more confidence in my 80s-style clothes now.

I wear them and I don`t wear the 80 outfits.

I just want to show people that I can still make something out of the clothes I do.8. Dress


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